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Planning (Viewing) Sub-Committee - DISCONTINUED
Thursday, 14th July, 2016 1.30 pm

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 Minutes 14 July 2016
3Where appropriate to accept the Update Sheet as an addendum to the Report. 
4Planning Applications ScheduleExtract-of-Report-PDC1054-Item-8-9-10-12- 
5Items 8 910 and 12

Item 8: Demolition of existing dwelling erection of 4 no. new dwellings (as amended) - The Anchorage 75 Downs Way South Wonston Winchester SO21 3EW

Case No: 15/01895/FUL / W24306

Item 9: Erection of 1no. 5 bedroom dwellings within the garden to the rear of the existing property. Partial demolition of existing garage - Old Orchard 79 Downs Road South Wonston Winchester SO21 3EW

Case No: 15/02325/FUL / W24348

Item 10: Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 3no. five bedroom dwellings with associated access garages parking and landscaping (Amended Plans - 10.12.15) - Smallwood Cross Way Shawford Winchester SO21 2BZ

Case No: 15/01925/FUL / W13330/03

Item 12: Erect garage and workshop - Firgrove 65 Anmore Road Denmead PO7 6NT

Case No: 16/00750/FUL



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