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Meadows Farm, Ervills Road, Worlds End, Hambledon PO7 4QU (Case Reference:22/01309/FUL)

Meeting: 19/07/2023 - Planning Committee (Item 7)

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Proposal Description: Continued use of the ground-floor unit in northwest element of building for storage and distribution purposes (Class B8) by tea distribution company; Addition of door and window to north elevation of barn.


The application was introduced and during public participation, Robert Tutton spoke in support of the application and Councillor Kevin Andreoli, Denmead Parish Council spoke against the application and answered members' questions.


Councillor Paula Langford Smith spoke as a ward member against the application and expressed several points on behalf of residents which could be summarised as follows:


1.    That the area was a beautiful water meadow located in the ancient woodland of the Forest of Bere, a public footpath (King's Way) ran through the water meadow. The landscape had been treasured for decades, with Meadows Farm listed as a valued landscape in Hampshire Treasures.

2.    That over the last ten years, significant development had taken place on the farm, not related to agriculture but rather a variety of businesses. That many planning permissions were granted under agricultural prior notification, even though the developments were not for farming activities.

3.    That the original barns were replaced with much larger structures, not fitting with the surroundings, and some were converted into non-agricultural uses. The farm's Victorian bridge was demolished to accommodate heavy goods lorries, and unauthorised track widening had occurred.

4.    That concerns had been raised by Hampshire County Council about excessive concrete laying without permission and residents had expressed concerns to the city and parish councils, documenting the developments with photographs.

5.    That there had been 21 planning applications or prior notifications for agricultural change of use on the site since 2014. That the latest application sought to change another barn to flexible use, potentially turning it into an industrial warehouse for a tea distribution company.

6.    That this change would result in additional heavy goods vehicle movements and increased staff driving, as there was no public transport available.

7.    Councillor Langford Smith urged the committee to refuse the application to prevent the transformation of the farm into an industrial estate, which was not suitable for the community's interests and requested that the committee visits the site to observe the actual use and assess the location's appropriateness for such a business.



The committee proceeded to ask questions and debate the application.



The committee agreed to grant permission for the reasons and subject to the conditions and informatives set out in the report.





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