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53 Cheriton Road Winchester SO22 5AX (Case Reference:23/01165/TPO)

Meeting: 19/07/2023 - Planning Committee (Item 9)

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Proposal Description: Mature Holm Oak in rear garden approximately 15m from rear of house. The application was for permission to fell the tree on the grounds of the potential risk to people and property, excessive shading in the owners and neighbouring gardens because of the tree's dense canopy and year-round leaf cover, high maintenance burden, drying-out of the ground by the root system and the tree's low ecological value.

The application was introduced and during public participation, Stuart Dorward spoke in support of the application and answered members' questions.

Councillor Chris Westwood spoke as a ward member in support of the application and expressed several points on behalf of residents which could be summarised as follows:

  1. That, the first issue to discuss was the amenity value of the tree, which was significant. The tree had been protected by a TPO since 1992.
  2. That, 31 years later, the tree had grown too large for its current setting, and the amenity value recognised in 1992 had been lost. That, the officer's report states that the tree had good public visual amenity value, but the wider amenity value may not be as great as portrayed.
  3. That, the tree was having an impact on the owner's mental health. The tree's size and maintenance were stressful for the homeowners, impacting their well-being.
  4. That, there were liability concerns. Trees in the area had a history of being impacted by gales, and there was a risk of damage or injury.
  5. That, on balance he felt that removing the TPO restrictions and replacing the tree with a native tree would be more suitable.
  6. That, this would restore the amenity value, increase biodiversity, and remove the stress of having an inappropriate-sized tree in a suburban garden.
  7. That this approach would significantly increase the biodiversity of several suburban gardens and serve as a suitable approach in this case.

The committee proceeded to ask questions and debate the application.


The committee agreed to refuse permission for the reasons set out in the report.



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