Agenda and decisions

Cabinet - Wednesday, 21st July, 2021 9.00 am

Venue: Walton Suite, Winchester Guildhall

Contact: Nancy Graham, Senior Democratic Services Officer  Tel: 01962 848 235, Email:

Note: NB: Earlier start time of 9.00am 


No. Item


Membership of Cabinet bodies etc.

To give consideration to the approval of alternative arrangements for appointments to bodies set up by Cabinet or external bodies, or the making or terminating of such appointments.


a)    West of Waterloovillle Forum –

To confirm Newlands Parish Council entitled to nominate two representatives to the Forum



Disclosure of Interests

To receive any disclosure of interests from Members and Officers in matters to be discussed.

Note: Councillors are reminded of their obligations to declare disclosable pecuniary interests, personal and/or prejudicial interests in accordance with legislation and the Council’s Code of Conduct.



Minutes of the previous meeting held on 23 June 2021, less exempt minute. pdf icon PDF 251 KB


Public Participation

– to note the names of members of the public wishing to speak on general matters affecting the District or on agenda items (in the case of the latter, representations will normally be received at the time of the agenda item, after the Cabinet Member’s introduction and any questions from Cabinet Members).

NB members of the public are required to register with Democratic Services three clear working days before the meeting (contact: or 01962 848 264). 



Leader and Cabinet Members' Announcements


Central Winchester Regeneration – Delivery (less exempt appendix) pdf icon PDF 343 KB

Additional documents:


1.     That the Strategic Outline Business Case be approved and that officers prepare the Outline Business Case for consideration by Cabinet in autumn 2021.


2.     That revenue expenditure of up to a further £525,000 be approved from the £2m CWR revenue budget to:


a.     prepare and complete the Outline Business Case for Cabinet approval in autumn 2021.


b.     Prepare and produce draft procurement and marketing documents for the Defined Site, for Cabinet approval in autumn 2021, subject to approval of the Outline Business Case as referred to in Rec 1 above.


c.      Research, prepare and submit funding bids to support delivery of the Defined Site.


d.     Implement the meanwhile uses strategy for Kings Walk as outlined in this report at paragraphs 13.24 to 13.26.


3.     That a supplementary revenue budget of £275,000 to carry out essential repair and maintenance requirements associated with Kings Walk be approved, funded from the Asset Management Reserve.


4.     That a supplementary increase of £185,000 to the Kings Walk improvements capital scheme budget be approved and its spend be authorised to undertake the additional works, to activate the Kings Walk area in accordance with the meanwhile uses strategy.


5.     That authority be delegated to the Strategic Director, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Housing and Asset Management, to prepare, finalise and procure services to carry out improvement works and deliver the meanwhile uses strategy at Kings Walk.


6.     That authority be delegated to the Service Lead – Legal to enter into contractual arrangements to carry out improvement works and deliver the meanwhile uses strategy at Kings Walk and any necessary ancillary agreements.


7.     That the Strategic Director, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Housing and Asset Management, be instructed to agree and implement governance arrangements for the next stage of the project.


Revised Local Development Scheme pdf icon PDF 186 KB

Additional documents:


1.  That therevisedLocalDevelopmentScheme July 2021 be approved, as set out inAppendix1 to report CAB3302; and


2.  That authority be delegated to theStrategicPlanning Manager, inconsultation withthePortfolioHolderforBuiltEnvironment & Well Being, to undertakeminorupdating and drafting of any amendments required priorto publication.


Nutrient (Nitrate) neutrality update pdf icon PDF 366 KB


1)    That the s151 Officer be authorised to:


a)    Purchase credits if required to meet immediate demand from smaller developers, subject to being able to agree suitable acquisition terms and prevailing market conditions making the purchase by the Council necessary; and subject to a maximum financial exposure of £250,000 at any time.


b)    Price and sell credits to suitable purchasers in accordance with market conditions at the time of sale subject to being able to agree suitable terms; and set an administration fee to recover reasonable costs.


2)    That the Service Lead Legal be authorised to enter into suitable legal arrangements for the council to undertake the monitoring and enforcement of mitigation sites (or delegate the function to the mitigation land authority) to ensure the land is managed so that mitigation is delivered in perpetuity; subject to the Corporate Head of Regulatory agreeing suitable terms with mitigation landowners for application sites located within the council’s area as local planning authority, including a commuted sum to cover the resourcing of this activity,


3)    That the Corporate Head of Regulatory be approved to pursue the option of a joint purchase of Test/Itchen catchment nitrate credits with neighbouring local planning authorities through Partnership for South Hampshire, subject to suitable terms being agreed with mitigation landowners and prevailing market conditions making the purchase of such credits appropriate and necessary.


4)    That the schemes listed in table A of report CAB3301 be approved as being able to provide suitable mitigation for residential development schemes in the three catchment areas of the district, subject to consultation with Natural England as required and satisfactory monitoring and enforcement arrangements being in place to ensure mitigation is delivered in perpetuity, and authority be delegated to the Corporate Head of Regulatory to amend the list by removing or adding schemes to the list as appropriate.



General Fund outturn 20/21 pdf icon PDF 528 KB

Additional documents:


1.     That the General Fund Revenue Outturn and Capital Programme Outturn as set out in the report CAB3309 be noted.


2.     That the transfers to/from the Major Investment Reserve and other earmarked reserves be agreed and the reserves and closing balances at 31 March 2021 be noted (as set out in appendix 2 of report CAB3309).


3.     That the detailed budget allocations of the 2021/22 Homelessness Prevention Grant be agreed, shown in section 17 of report CAB3309.


4.     That the revised 2021/22 capital programme detailed in appendix 5 of report CAB3309 be approved, including the removal of the Digital Signage Pilot budget as set out in paragraph 21.3 and subject to the outcome of report CAB3303 regarding Central Winchester Regeneration, elsewhere on the agenda.


5.     That the revised 2021-2031 capital programme as set out in appendix 6 of report CAB3309 be noted.



Housing Revenue Account (HRA) outturn 20/21 pdf icon PDF 294 KB

Additional documents:


1.      That the provisional HRA Outturn figures for 2020/21 be noted, these are provisional subject to audit as detailed in Appendices 1 and 2 of the report CAB3308;


2.      That the carry forward of £0.044m of HRA revenue funding from 2020/21 be approved as detailed in Paragraph 11.4 of report CAB3308;


3.      That the Housing capital programme outturn for Major Works and New Build developments be approved as detailed in Paragraphs 11.5 to 11.8 and Appendices 3 & 4 of report CAB3308;


4.      That the funding of the 2020/21 HRA capital programme be approved as detailed in Paragraph 11.9 & 11.10 and Appendix 5 of report CAB3308;


5.      That the re-forecast capital programme budget of £28.402m for 2021/22 be approved as detailed in Paragraphs 11.12 & 11.13 and Appendix 6 & 7 of report CAB3308 that takes account of potential programme slippage;


6.      That the drawdown of £0.412m of the agreed £0.500m HRA reserve balances set aside to fund the specific welfare support initiatives be approved as identified in paragraph 12 of report CAB3308 over the next two years. Which was agreed by full Council to provide additional targeted support for tenants during this difficult period. This includes the appointment of two temporary full time tenancy sustainment officers and one temporary admin support for a period of up to 24 months to provide the needed additional capacity to deliver these support measures.


Q4 Performance Monitoring pdf icon PDF 1 MB


That the progress achieved during Q4 of 2019/20 be noted and the contents of the report be endorsed.


To note the future items for consideration by Cabinet as shown on the August 2021 Forward Plan. pdf icon PDF 182 KB



To consider whether in all the circumstances of the case the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.


(i)            To pass a resolution that the public be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of the following items of business because it is likely that, if members of the public were present, there would be disclosure to them of ‘exempt information’ as defined by Section 100 (I) and Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972.


Exempt minute of the previous meeting held on 23 June 2021


Central Winchester Regeneration - Delivery (exempt appendix)


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