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Winchester Town Forum - Thursday, 19th March, 2020 6.30 pm

Venue: Walton Suite, Guildhall, Winchester

Contact: Matthew Watson, Democratic Services Officer  Tel: 01962 848 317 Email:

Note: This meeting of the Winchester Town Forum will go ahead as planned, with measures in place to help people follow public health advice on COVID-19, such as seating spaced further apart. The meeting is live streamed so you will be able to listen to the meeting without the need to attend. If you have registered to speak or would like to do so and would prefer not to attend, we can arrange for your deputation to be read to Forum. Please email your written deputation to by 4pm on Thursday 19 March 2020. The live stream will be available from the following link at the start of the meeting: If you are unwell, please do not attend the meeting and stay at home. For more information on the possible symptoms relating to COVID-19 visit: Thank you for your support. 

No. Item



To record the names of apologies given


Apologies for the meeting were noted as above.




Disclosures of Interests

To receive any disclosure of interests from Members and Officers in matters to be discussed.

Note: Councillors are reminded of their obligations to declare disclosable pecuniary interests, personal and/or prejudicial interests in accordance with legislation and the Council’s Code of Conduct.


If you require advice, please contact the appropriate Democratic Services Officer, prior to the meeting.



Councillors Hiscock and Tod each declared a non pecuniary interest in relation to items upon the agenda that may had related to their role as a County Councillor.




Chairperson's Announcements






Minutes pdf icon PDF 235 KB

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 23rd January, 2020




That the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 19 January 2020 be approved and adopted.




Public Participation

To receive and note the questions asked and statements made from members of the public on issues relating to the responsibility of this     Forum.



Mr Patrick Davies addressed the Forum in respect of report WTF287 – “Vision for Winchester – Update”. In summary, Mr Davies raised the following:


1.    He felt that the section of the report regarding risk may need to be reviewed in light of Covid-19 and the cancellation of the 2020 local elections.

2.    He asked that further information be included to show the detail of how the consultation exercise would reach the groups intended.

3.    He asked that additional information regarding the Town Forum Informal Planning group be provided in the report  

4.    He believed that it was important that organisations such as the City of Winchester Trust were actively involved.


The Chairperson and the Strategic Director responded to points one, two and three. Councillor Learney responded to item four and advised Mr Davies that the City of Winchester Trust and many other local organisations would be engaged in the project.





Vision for Winchester - Update pdf icon PDF 207 KB

(Report WTF287)

Additional documents:


(Report ref WTF287)

The Strategic Director introduced the report which provided an update on the appointment of consultants to assist in the production of a new ‘Vision for Winchester’ and he detailed the key stages of the work to be undertaken over the next few months. Also present for this item were consultants:  Richard Eastham (Feria Urbanism), Timo Peach (Momo:zo) and Laura Mulhern (Støriie).

The Forum was provided with a presentation which highlighted a number of matters, including; the project brief, the anticipated timelines and the engagement strategy. Following this, Members were asked for their views and to provide further guidance to the project.

The Forum then asked questions and raised comments which were responded to by officers and the consultants accordingly.


Councillor Hutchison asked that the minutes of this meeting record that she did not agree with the contents of paragraph 11.4 of the report.  





That the report be noted.




Presentation - Results of the open space survey pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Natural Environment & Recreation Manager gave a presentation which provided a summary of the Parks & Open Spaces survey undertaken between December 2017 and November 2018. The key aims of the survey were to understand usage, identify opportunities for improvement and to raise the profile of the spaces.

The Forum asked questions and raised comments which were responded to by officers accordingly. Officers advised that further information was available on the council’s website and that specific action plans would be developed.




Park Plan for North Walls Recreation Ground pdf icon PDF 168 KB

(Report WTF283)

Additional documents:


(Report ref WTF283)

Councillor Learney as Cabinet Member for Housing and Asset Management introduced the item and provided an update regarding the wider context of the Leisure Centre project. The Natural Environment & Recreation Manager introduced the report which set out the need for a Park Plan for the North Walls Recreation Ground which would provide the opportunity to consider how this open space could meet the changing demands placed on it. It was proposed that the Park Plan would be developed through public engagement and discussion with park users and community groups. The report also provided an update on the management of the Artificial Turf Pitches (ATP) and tennis courts following the closure of River Park Leisure Centre and the refurbishment of the play area at this site.

The Forum asked questions and raised comments which were responded to by officers accordingly and Members agreed to discuss certain elements further.



1.            That Winchester Town Forum approved the procurement and development of a Park Plan for the North Walls Recreation Ground.


2.            That Winchester Town Forum approved the retention of responsibility for the Artificial Turf Pitches and the tennis courts following the closure of the River Park Leisure Centre.






Town Forum Grant Programme Update pdf icon PDF 170 KB

(Report WTF285)

Additional documents:


(Report ref WTF285)

Councillor Weir as Cabinet Member for Local Economy and the Service Lead – Community introduced the item. It was explained that the Town Forum for many years had provided funds to support the work of voluntary and community organisations in the Winchester Town area, recognising the valued range of services they delivered. The report provided an update on the following funding initiatives:

·         Grant review 2018 – Strategic fund allocations – (previous paper CAB3079)

·         Small grant allocations 2019/2020

·         The launch of Crowdfund Winchester: Winchester Town Community Fund – (previous paper WTF276)


The Forum asked questions and raised comments which were responded to by officers accordingly.




1.    Noted that the Town Forum’s contributions to the Strategic fund allocations of £20,000 each for the Live Theatre Winchester Trust and Citizens Advice Winchester District continue for 2020/21.

2.    Approved that the small grant programme continues to be operated in the new style of an interactive grant panel, involving the Town Forum Informal Grant Panel Members.

3.    Noted the timescales for the launch of the Crowdfund Winchester: Winchester Town Community Fund.




Work Programme pdf icon PDF 162 KB


The Forum reviewed the work plan as detailed on pages 59 – 64 of the agenda pack.




That the 2019/20 work programme was noted.



Registering to speak at this meeting:

The information below relates to the majority of meetings of the council but please note that different rules do apply for registering to speak at meetings of Full Council, Licensing Sub Committees, Planning Committees, Open Forums, and the Standards Hearing and Human Resources Sub Committees and the Appointments Panel. Further information can be obtained using the contact details above.

Members of the public may speak at this meeting, provided they have registered to speak three working days in advance. Please contact Democratic Services via or (01962) 848 264 to register to speak and for further details - which can also be found on the individual meeting agenda front sheets.


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