Agenda and decisions

New, Cabinet - Tuesday, 23rd November, 2021 9.30 am

Venue: Walton Suite, Winchester Guildhall

Contact: Nancy Graham, Senior Democratic Services Officer  Tel: 01962 848 235, Email:


No. Item


Membership of Cabinet bodies etc.

To give consideration to the approval of alternative arrangements for appointments to bodies set up by Cabinet or external bodies, or the making or terminating of such appointments.



Disclosure of Interests

To receive any disclosure of interests from Members and Officers in matters to be discussed.

Note: Councillors are reminded of their obligations to declare disclosable pecuniary interests, personal and/or prejudicial interests in accordance with legislation and the Council’s Code of Conduct.



Minutes of the previous meeting held on 20 October 2021. pdf icon PDF 168 KB


Public Participation


– to note the names of members of the public wishing to speak on general matters affecting the District or on agenda items (in the case of the latter, representations will normally be received at the time of the agenda item, after the Cabinet Member’s introduction and any questions from Cabinet Members).

NB members of the public are required to register with Democratic Services three clear working days before the meeting (contact: or 01962 848 264). 


Leader and Cabinet Members' Announcements


A land transaction in respect of the River Park Leisure Centre site and associated parking area (less exempt appendix) pdf icon PDF 345 KB

Additional documents:


1.     That it be agreed that the council, as landowner of the River Park Leisure Centre, Gordon Road, Winchester, to enter into an agreement for lease to enable the University of Southampton to progress options for the extension of the neighbouring Winchester School of Art campus on the River Park Leisure Centre site. 


2.     That the Heads of Terms be agreed as in appendix B of report CAB3324.  The Heads of Terms include a five year long ‘stop date’ during which time the University of Southampton will investigate and obtain planning consent for their proposed development.


3.     That the land known as The River Park Leisure Centre, Gordon Road, Winchester, as identified within the red line at Appendix A be disposed, to the University of Southampton on a 150 year ground lease subject wholly to obligations set out in the Agreement for Lease. 


4.     That authority be delegated to the Corporate Head of Asset Management to enter into an Agreement for Lease with the University of Southampton in accordance with the heads of terms. This delegation is subject to agreeing the land price with the University of Southampton in accordance with S123 best consideration provisions and other relevant valuation assumptions.


5.     That authority be delegated to the Corporate Head of Asset Management to enter into a ground Lease with the University of Southampton for the disposal of the land (identified as outlined in red in appendix A of CAB3324), such lease to be in accordance with the above-mentioned Agreement for Lease. Disposal is subject to a 150 year Ground Lease to the university, and payment of a capital sum by the university to the council. The capital sum for the disposal is to be calculated having regard to S123 best consideration provisions and other relevant valuation assumptions.


6.     That the completion of the Agreement for Lease and the ground Lease, and any relevant ancillary agreements as are necessary to implement the recommendations above be delegated to the Service Lead Legal. 


Housing Revenue Account (HRA) business plan and budget options pdf icon PDF 740 KB


1.     That the HRA Business 30 year Business Plan for 2021-22 to 2050-51 be approved, as summarised in the Operating Account included as appendix 4 to CAB3325.


2.     That the projected 30 year HRA capital programme of £873m be supported, an increase of £41m on the present plan, subject to the approval of individual schemes, and the proposed long term funding strategy that will see overall borrowing of £368m in year 30 subject to the final detailed HRA budget and the Capital Strategy being approved by Council in February 2021.


3.     That it be noted that the business plan is viable and sustainable and will support the council’s ambitious delivery of 1,000 new affordable homes over the next ten years. The proposed plan provides sufficient funds over the 30 years to deliver in total over 1,700 new affordable homes in total.


4.     That the proposal to fund £0.3m new initiatives around the Housing White Paper – “The charter for social housing residents” be supported and additional resources be invested in the capacity of the new homes delivery team, the decent homes team and Neighbourhood/Estate Management.


5.     That the proposal to increase the revenue funding for planned and reactive repairs by £0.5m be supported, to reflect both increased budget pressures and the cost of delivering an improved void standard to properties prior to letting.


*That Cabinet recommend that Council at the February Budget meeting:


6.     Approve a dwelling rent increase in accordance with option 2 as set out in the report CAB3325, based upon September Consumer Price Index, resulting in a rent increase of 3.1% from April 2022 (rather than the national guideline for social housing rents of CPI+1%).


*NB Recommendations to Council are not subject to call-in




Fees and Charges 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 159 KB

Additional documents:


That the fees and charges for 2022/23 be approved, as set out in appendix 1 of CAB3326, subject to an amendment to agree that garage rents in central Winchester increase by 3%.




Future items for consideration pdf icon PDF 200 KB



To consider whether in all the circumstances of the case the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.


(i)            To pass a resolution that the public be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of the following items of business because it is likely that, if members of the public were present, there would be disclosure to them of ‘exempt information’ as defined by Section 100 (I) and Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972.


A land transaction in respect of the River Park Leisure Centre site and associated parking area (exempt appendix)

Registering to speak at this meeting:

Members of the public may speak at this meeting, provided they have registered to speak three working days in advance. Please contact Democratic Services via or (01962) 848 264 to register to speak and for further details.

Members of the public should note that a live audio feed of the meeting will be available from the councils website ( ) and the video recording will be publicly available shortly after the meeting. For members of the public who are unable to utilise this facility a limited number of seats will be made available at the above named location however attendance must be notified to the council at least 3 working days before the meeting. Please note that priority will be given to those wishing to attend and address the meeting over those wishing to attend and observe.

Please note that different rules apply for registering to speak at meetings of Full Council, Licensing Sub Committees, Planning Committees and Open Forums. Further information can be obtained using the contact details above.


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