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Information about Winchester Town Forum

Terms of Reference - Summary


To act as a consultative and advisory body regarding issues affecting the five Winchester Town District Wards which, on occasions, may also include ‘cross-boundary’ matters involving adjoining areas (e.g. Badger Farm and Olivers Battery) and the Littleton Parish Ward area of the parish of Littleton and Harestock. For further information please refer to the council’s constitution.


Public Participation


A public question and comment session is available at 6.30pm for a 15 minute period. There are a few limitations on the questions you can ask. These mainly relate to current applications (including grants), personal cases and confidential matters. Please contact the Democratic Services Officer in advance of the meeting for further details. If there are no members of the public present at 6.30pm who wish to ask questions or make statements, then the meeting will commence.


Quorum = 5 Members


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