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Information about West of Waterlooville Forum

Note: Owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and government guidance issued, it will not be possible to hold this meeting in person. The Council has therefore made arrangements under the Coronavirus Act 2020, and subsequent Regulations permitting remote meetings, to hold the meeting virtually. If you are a member of the public and would like to listen to the audio stream of the meeting you may do so via 


Terms of Reference

The major development area at West of Waterlooville has outline planning consent and several phases are now under way. The community is beginning to take shape and to find its own voice.

The initial purpose of the West of Waterlooville Forum has been served and it is now revised to oversee the transition from new community to established community.

The three primary objectives of the West of Waterlooville Forum are now as follows:

1. To comment and advise on the next stages of the implementation of the West of Waterlooville master plan, in particular major elements of community infrastructure.
2. To ensure the success of the community development activities undertaken within the development area and advise on how these should progress.
3. To secure the establishment of appropriate local democratic structures for the emerging community that will take responsibility for representing the area from April 2016.

In order to achieve this at each meeting the Forum will:

1. Receive and note a report outlining the progress of the physical development of the MDA;
2. Receive and comment on a report outlining community development activities and issues arising within the MDA;
3. Receive a report and comment to the relevant authority on any major infrastructure issue yet to be resolved which affects the MDA (if any);
4. Receive and comment on a report from the West of Waterlooville Advisory Group on the progress of the establishment of new parish level arrangements for representing the MDA in Winchester District and new neighbourhood level arrangements in Havant Borough.

(These may not be separate reports but may be combined where this is expedient).

Although the Forum has no formal decision making powers it can make recommendations to the parent authorities of Havant and Winchester on the most suitable arrangements for democratic and community representation within the MDA with a target that such arrangements become fully functioning from April 2016 at which point the Forum will be wound up.

In order to do this, the Forum shall:-

• Discuss the issues which arise out of these opportunities and challenges;
• Advise the relevant decision-making authorities on these issues;
• Consider the infrastructure and facility requirements.

The Forum shall meet in public (at least 3 times per year) and shall, so far as possible, seek to engage fully with the public. There may be occasions where there is a requirement to meet in confidential session due to matters of a commercial sensitivity.

Constituent Authorities and membership

The membership of the Forum shall comprise of representatives from:-

Havant Borough Council = 4 members (one of which shall be the vice-chairman of the Forum)
• Winchester City Council = 4 members (one of which shall be the chairman of the Forum)
• Parish Council of Newlands = 2 members
• Hampshire County Council = 2 members

The Constituent Authorities may appoint deputy members.

Method of Working and Voting Rights

All members are expected to use their best endeavours to reach conclusions by general consensus. Where any voting members of the Forum require a formal vote to be taken, this shall be on a show of hands by those members present and voting.


The Chairman of the Forum shall be appointed by Winchester City Council and the Vice-Chairman will be appointed from the Havant Borough Council membership.


The Forum will be quorate if five voting representatives are present.


Winchester City Council shall be responsible for administering the Forum, calling meetings, and recording proceedings.

Public Participation Procedure


1.      There will be a period of 10 minutes maximum at the beginning of each Forum meeting when the Chairman invites the public, including interested groups, to raise any general matters of interest and/or matters relating to the work of the Forum. Detailed matters relating to the agenda will not be accepted at this point, as there will be an opportunity for these to be heard under the appropriate agenda item.  As is the usual practice for general public participation, however, Officers and Members may not be able to immediately respond at the meeting to points raised by the public where these relate to non-agenda items.

Consideration of Individual Agenda Items

2.      After an officer has introduced an agenda item, the Chairman will invite public participation on matters relating to that agenda item. At this point, a period of ten minutes (subject to the Chairman's discretion) will be allowed for public comments. During this period, members of the public, including local interest groups, will be able to object, support or ask questions directly relating to the agenda item and comments of the Officer's presentation.

3.      An individual speaker will be limited to a maximum of three minutes per agenda item. Where a number of members of the public wish to speak, they will agree to the maximum allocation of the ten minute period for public participation. The Committee Administrator will assist in this process before the start of the meeting. The Chairman will retain a general discretion to manage the public speaking process, and may limit individual speakers to less than three minutes, or take other steps necessary in order to maximise public participation in an appropriate way. The extension of the total 10 minutes allowed for the public participation on any one item will be at the Chairman's discretion.

4.      There will be no further opportunity for the public to comment on an agenda item once the period of public participation has ended even if the prescribed period has not been reached. The subsequent discussion, consideration and decision on the matter is then passed to Forum Members.

5.      Members and Officers will not provide an immediate response to public comments raised from the floor. All comments and enquiries will be noted and the Chairman will invite Officers/Members to respond to specific points during the questions and debate period of the meeting.

6.      Members of the public who wish to speak should wherever possible contact the Committee Administrator before the start of the meeting (preferably by telephone or email prior to the day of the meeting to register their wish to speak), so that as many people as possible can speak during the public participation sessions (this list will be given to the Chairman before the start of the meeting).

7.      Once the period of public participation has drawn to a close, there will be an opportunity for elected Members who are not on the Forum (relevant Portfolio Holders) to speak in advance of questions and debate amongst Forum members, at the Chairman's discretion. This may include any Councillors from Winchester City Council and Havant Borough Council.

8.      The Forum will then debate the item.

9.      The Chairman will then invite Officers to respond to any public comments raised from the floor, where appropriate, a vote will be taken to reach a formal recommendation on the agenda item.

Forum Membership

Winchester City Council Councillors:

Clear, Brook, Cutler, Read

Deputies: Evans and Weston


Havant Borough Councillors:
Deputy: None

Hampshire County Councillors:
Hughes and Stallard
Deputy: Briggs


Parish Council of Newlands:


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