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Local Plan Advisory Group

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Information about Local Plan Advisory Group

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to receive updates and discuss matters relating to the preparation of the Council’s Local Plan and to assist the Cabinet and Council in their decision making so as to ensure:


·         that the preparation of the Local Plan is integrated with the wider aims and objectives of the Council on behalf of its communities

·         that Members are actively informed on progress on the Local Plan and provided with appropriate opportunities to participate in policy development

·         that there is a shared understanding of issues relating the preparation of the evidence base, arrangements for community involvement, duty to cooperate with neighbouring authorities, preparation and publication of documents and associated public consultation. 

·         that there are high levels of public engagement with the preparation of the Local Plan


Whilst noting that decision making is a matter for Cabinet and Council, the Advisory Group may be expected to comment upon:


·         the implications of the emerging evidence base and arrangements for community involvement; publication of preparatory draft documents and associated public consultation.

·         any Local Plan document for initial consultation;

·         any Proposed Submission Local Plan Document prior to submission to the Secretary of State.

·         the Inspector’s report and recommended modifications after the Examination.


Whilst it will normally meet in public the Advisory Group may meet privately to discuss matters which are confidential or policy related at the discretion of the Chairperson. As a non-decision making body the format of information and advice to the Advisory Group will primarily be by presentation and oral update rather than written report.  A brief minute of the Advisory Group will be taken.




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