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Cabinet Committee: Local Plan

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a.    The Committee’s membership will be the Cabinet Member for Place and the Local Plan (Chairperson), plus 2 other Cabinet members (3 voting members).

b.    In the event of any member of Cabinet not being available for a meeting of the Cabinet Committee another member of Cabinet may deputise where no conflict arises.

c.     In addition, 5 members will be invited to attend and offer views at meetings of the Committee (5 non-voting members).


Terms of Reference


a.    To oversee the Council’s development of the Local Plan and to ensure the programme to deliver the plan is timely and within the policy and budget framework approved by Council.

b.    To monitor and oversee the Council’s Local Plan strategies and the delivery of associated documents relating to policy options, draft policies and evidence prepared to support the Local Plan.

c.     To exercise the executive functions set out below in relation to Strategic Planning Services and the Local Plan

d.    To make recommendations as required to Cabinet and Council.


Delegated Matters


a.    To oversee the development of the Local Plan of the Council and to ensure that the objectives established by Cabinet are met, and in particular:

(i)           to exercise those financial management and procurement powers of Cabinet set out below in respect of the production of the Local Plan

(ii)         to agree the Project Plan and monitor progress of the project against that Plan including key milestones;

(iii)        to agree progression to the next stages of delivery as set out in the Project Plan;

(iv)        to ensure effective actions are in place to address key risks;

(v)         to consider and agree methods of consultation and engagement;

(vi)        to review the Local Plan under development.


b.    To exercise the powers of Cabinet under the Financial Procedure Rules in respect of the production of technical reports and advice for the Local Plan  in respect of the production of technical reports and advice for the Local Plan

c.     To exercise the following powers of Cabinet under the Contract Procedure Rules in relation to the procurement of contracts for works, goods, software or services in connection with the Project:

(i)             approval of price/quality evaluation criteria;

(ii)            approval of short-listing procedures, short-list selection and approved lists of contractors, including the authorisation of any departures from Contract Procedure Rules;

(iii)          award of Contract.


Referred Matters


To advise Cabinet on:

a.    Any proposals in which the limitations set out above in the Delegated Matters would be exceeded or where risks are considered necessary to be raised with Cabinet.

To advise Cabinet and Council on:

a.    Approval of a revenue virement or supplementary revenue estimate over £250,000.

b.    Any matters of policy that need to be brought to their attention.

c.     Any other matter as considered appropriate by the Cabinet Committee.


The quorum is 2 voting members.



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