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Public Participation.

To receive and note questions asked and statements made from members of the public on general matters of interest and/or matters relating to the work of the Forum


Members of the public and visiting councillors may speak at the forum, provided they have registered to speak three working days in advance. Please contact Democratic Services by 5pm Tuesday 8 November 2022 via or (01962) 848 264 to register to speak and for further details.


Attached to the agenda are a series of questions pre-submitted by Whiteley Town Council.


Mr Grey addressed the meeting on two matters.


He raised several issues concerning the path leading to Cornerstone School linking Dumas Drive to Bluebell Way. These issues included:


  1. the path was narrow, uneven, and difficult to access at points for people using wheelchairs or pushchairs
  2. the path was in poor condition including, having loose stones, overhanging trees, and was insufficiently lit.


Mr Grey requested that the path be properly finished, adequately lit and formally adopted.


Mr Grey also raised several matters regarding the roads around Cornerstone school. His concerns were that:


  1. the roads remained unadopted
  2. cars travelled too fast close to the school
  3. there were no zig-zag markings
  4. there were no kerbs resulting in cars mounting the pavement.


Mr Alborough from Hampshire County Council (HCC) responded to the points raised by Mr Grey. He advised that this footpath was outside of the North Whiteley Development area and that at the time of the outline planning application no works to the footpath had been agreed.


Concerning the roads around Cornerstone’s school, Mr Alborough advised that whilst the roads were not yet adopted, they were substantially complete. He provided further information regarding signage, the need for a traffic regulation order following adoption and the reason for the low kerbs.


Mr Alborough agreed to contact Mr Grey to discuss all of the matters he had raised further and would raise these matters with colleagues at the County Council.


The Chairperson advised that questions had been pre-submitted by Whiteley Town Council (published with the agenda and available here). These would be responded to during the meeting and the written responses would be appended to the minutes of the meeting.

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