Agenda item

Update on Bus Services from Hampshire County Council.


Mike Griffin-Thorn and Emily Pain (Hampshire County Council) provided the forum with a verbal update concerning the latest position regarding the commencement of the extension to bus services 28 and 28A scheduled to commence 8 January 2023.


Members asked several questions and made comments regarding:


  1. Clarifying details of the route, particularly whether the service would include Park Gate and Swanwick Train Station.
  2. The frequency of the extended service.
  3. The longer-term commercial viability of the service.
  4. The length of phase 1 and the commencement of phase 2.
  5. The frequency of the X9 and X9A service and a potential merger with the E1 and E2 service.
  6. The need to include a stop at the Community Hospital and Locks Heath to enable onward journeys to the Queen Alexandra Hospital.
  7. Plans for raising awareness among residents and users concerning the new service starting on 8 January 2023.


These points were responded to by Mr Griffin-Thorn, Ms Pain and Mr Davis of Tetra Tech accordingly. Several members agreed to contact the officers following the meeting on other related matters.


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