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Annual appointments to Cabinet Committees, informal groups and fora 23/24



Councillor Tod introduced the report and noted that nominations for the various appointments had been received which he would report to the meeting.


At the invitation of the Leader, Councillors Horrill and Wallace addressed the meeting as summarised briefly below.


Councillor Horrill

She requested that in considering which members to appoint to the various bodies, Cabinet have regard to appropriate qualifications and suitability.  She welcomed the proposal to establish a Cabinet Committee: Local Plan.  With regard to the Member Champion roles, she requested that consideration be given to allowing a broader range of councillors to act as champion with more than one councillor appointed to each role.




Councillor Wallace

He highlighted that as a newly formed group on the Council, the Green group would welcome the opportunity to be a member on the various internal committees and outside bodies.  In particular, the group would be keen to support the council’s overarching aim of going greener faster.


Councillor Tod thanked the councillors for their comments which would be taken into account in considering the appointments to be made.  With regard to the Member Champion appointments, further investigation of the decisions that established the roles was required to ascertain if there could be flexibility regarding the numbers appointed to each position.


Cabinet agreed to the following for the reasons set out in the report and outlined above.




1.             That the following appointments to Cabinet Committees, informal group and fora be made for the 2023/24 Municipal Year:


(a)           Cabinet Committee: Regeneration*

Leader and Cabinet Member for Asset Management (Chairperson), Councillors Cutler, Learney and Thompson


Non-voting invited councillors: Councillors Cramoysan, Edwards, Bolton & Godfrey


(b)           Cabinet Committee: Housing*

Cabinet Member for Housing (Chairperson), Councillors Becker and Cutler


Non-voting invited councillors: Councillors Batho, Scott, Miller and Horrill

Non voting TACT representatives: Two representatives and one deputy (names to be confirmed)


(c)           Cabinet Committee: Local Plan*

Cabinet Member for Place and Local Plan (Chairperson), Councillors Learney and Tod


Non-voting invited councillors: Councillors Laming, Williams, Read, Horrill and Lee


*Note – it was agreed that deputies for the non-voting invited councillors at Cabinet Committees be appointed from any group at the Chairperson’s discretion.


(d)           Carbon Neutrality Open Forum

Councillors Learney (Chairperson)


(e)           Equality, Diversion and Inclusion Forum

Councillors Becker (Chairperson), S Achwal, Reach, Isaacs, Brook and Wallace


(f)            Winchester Sports and Leisure Park Advisory Board

Councillors Becker(Chair), Prest, Reach and Kurn


(g)           Central Winchester Regeneration (CWR) Project Board

Councillors Tod and Cutler


(h)           Strategic Asset Purchase Scheme Board

Councillors Tod, Cutler and Thompson


(i)             Treasury Investment Group

Cabinet Member with responsibility for Finance (Councillor Cutler) and Councillor Learney (from Cabinet) 

Councillor Power (Chair of Audit & Governance Committee)


(j)             Kings Barton Forum

Councillors: Cramoysan (Chairperson), Batho, Eve, Morris, Porter, Rutter and Cunningham (Deputies: Godfrey and Learney)


(k)           West of Waterlooville Forum

Councillors: Cutler  (Chairperson), Chamberlain, Read and Brook (Deputies: V Achwal and Langford-Smith)


(l)             North Whiteley Development Forum

Councillors: V Achwal (Chairperson), S Achwal, Chamberlain, Small, Pearson and Wallace (Deputies: Cutler, Lee and Langford-Smith)


2.             That the following roles be appointed to (paragraph 11.10 refers):


a)       Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Member Champion – Councillor Reach

b)       Lead Cabinet Member for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Councillor Becker.


3.             That Councillor Tippett-Cooper be appointed as “Sanctuary Champion” (paragraph 11.11(a) refers).


4.             That Councillor Laming be appointed as “Armed Forces Champion” (paragraph 11.11(b) refers).


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