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Public Participation

To receive and note questions asked and statements made from members of the public on general matters of interest and/or matters relating to the work of the Forum. This period is for a maximum of 10 minutes


During public participation, the following members of the public raised the following points and the officers’ response is set out below:


(i)            David Crichton


Mr Crichton stated that he addressed the Forum as a Havant Borough resident and Chair of the shadow Newlands Parish Council.  He thanked Denmead Parish Council for providing experience to members of the shadow Newlands Parish Council.


Mr Crichton continued that he wished to raise the following issues with the Forum:


·         Road signage to the recycling centre.

·         The process and timescale for the adoption of highways.  There were a number of street lights that were not working and required roadworks to be undertaken to supply underground electrical cabling to them.

·         Whether a footpath link to Brambles Park via Thomas Sanderson owned land could be provided.

·         The provision of a pedestrian crossing on Hambledon Road and traffic also speeding on Hambledon Road.  Traffic problems would also be worsened when the Sickle Way junction was closed.

·         There were also drainage problems in Hambledon Road.


Mr Crichton also commented that AQUIND were providing presentations to local communities on the proposed installation of a high voltage marine and underground electrical cable.  These would be held at Denmead Memorial Hall on the 5 March 2019 and also to Denmead Parish Council.  As this cable would come through part of the Major Development Area it could affect numerous properties alongside its route.


In reply to the points made above, Councillor Wade stated that the Community Infrastructure Levy money had been provided for the crossing on Hambledon Road located by the new McDonalds.  There was also room for a crossing near Charlesworth Drive on Hambledon Road or by the Waterlooville Community Centre.


Councillor Brook stated that the Taylor Wimpey development highways would be adopted by Hampshire County Council by the end of the year.


Mr Tilbury stated that a further letter would be sent to Thomas Sandersons with regard to the footpath connection to Brambles Park.


The Chairman commented that together with County Councillor Briggs he had met with the Hampshire County Council Highways and had suggested a comprehensive traffic solution between the ASDA roundabout and the Taylor Wimpey roundabout at Darnel Road.


(ii)          Rebecca Marsden


Rebecca Marsden stated that she was a member of the shadow Newlands Parish Council and referred to the following:


·           Issues of drainage and pollution on Sickle Way.  She stated that camera investigation had indicated that the problem was not caused by a blockage but there was considerable fluid in the pipes which had led to overflow in Sickle Way and the blocking/flooding of residential properties’ toilets in that area.  Further, problems had been experienced at the pumping station which had been blocked.  She asked whether these potential drainage defects would be remedied prior to the highway being adopted.  The problem was made worse as there did not appear to be any records of the drainage system held by Taylor Wimpey that could be shared with Southern Water, who would need to consider the adoption of the drainage.

·           A road next to Hambledon Road was also liable to flooding.

·           A formal route of communication was required to resolve such matters, which should work across elected boundaries and assist the new Parish Council in resolving problems.


Mr Tilbury responded that Hampshire County Council would not adopt the highways unless the drains beneath were satisfactorily signed off by Southern Water.  The responsibility rested with Taylor Wimpey to install the drainage to the satisfaction of Southern Water.


The Forum noted Rebecca Marsden's comments that the residents were seeking a resolution to the adoption of the highways by Hampshire County Council and that issues with the installation cabling for the streetlights and drainage were required to be resolved before the adoption could take place.  Councillor Brook, Winchester City Council's Portfolio Holder for the Built Environment stated that Taylor Wimpey was aware of the issues and that an update was awaited from them, as it was in their interest to secure adoption.


(iii)         Julie Clements


Julie Clements - Waterlooville Area Community Association (WACA) asked whether building control were in possession of the drainage plans for the site?


Mr Tilbury responded that the responsibility rested with Taylor Wimpey and that the Officers and Portfolio Holder would give the matter further consideration.  He also confirmed that the Forum would be retained as the site was continued to be built out and would remain as a body to help resolve matters that arose, acting in association with the new parish council.



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