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Public Participation

To receive and note questions asked and statements made from members of the public on general matters of interest and/or matters relating to the work of the Forum.


During public participation, Mike Toosey and Caterina Zucca (Chairman of the Kings Barton Residents’ Association) addressed the meeting on the following matters, as summarised below:


In summary, Mr Toosey stated that he was concerned regarding the levels of mud and dust from the site and the impact this was having on resident’s properties and vehicles. It was acknowledged that CALA had endeavored to rectify this issue. However, further interventions to minimise dust and dirt on site were sought. In response, officers advised that the situation would continue to be monitored and with the recent installation of a cattle grid to the junction and road surfaces within the site anticipated to be down during the next six months, it was expected that dust would significantly reduce going forward.


Prior to the meeting, the Kings Barton Residents Association had notified officers of the questions they intended to ask in respect of Report KBF24 below.


Officers had consulted with colleagues at Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council and CALA to provide initial responses to those questions. The key issues raised were summarised by Ms Zucca, together with the responses received, as set out below:


(a)       Measures to prevent non-residents parking in residential areas in   Phase 1A:


            In response, the Strategic Director advised that although CALA had            some power as private landowner to install signage, issue letters etc,   this would be limited until the roads were adopted when support could            be initiated for a Resident’s Parking Scheme to control and limit non          residents parking. A consultation process would be required     

            prior to implementation.


(b)       Provision of benches at the play park in Phase 1B:


            A strategy had been agreed to install a number of items of street      furniture such as benches and litter bins to Phase 1B to coincide with        the opening of the play park. In addition, it was reported that the play park was almost complete and ready to open. Safety checks had     been carried out. CALA would liaise with the Major Developments          Team Leader on this matter.


(c)        Installation of public litter bins, primarily to be located in the play park         and at the Manley Road entrance to the development when litter             accumulates:


            It was reported that primarily bins would be installed in the play park           and at the Manley Road entrance where litter accumulates in       ditches.


(d)       Maintenance update for footpaths along Andover Road and Andover         Road North (i.e. lighting, clearance of debris and leaves etc);


            It was noted that a regular maintenance programme would be made           available of when and how often footpath clearance would occur.


(e)       Retention of the Manley Road Car Park:


            CALA would discuss this matter further with the Council which needs to   be considered in light of the landscape approach. However, this area             could be looked as for a temporary community use on site. The   Strategic Director clarified that the Council would have no objection to       CALA             leaving this area as car parking for the time being. At adoption,        the Council would then need to explore future use and its commitments         further at this stage.            


(f)        Once adopted, would streetlights be turned off at night in Phase 1B            and confirmation that streetlights were still to be replaced by LED       lights:


            If adopted, HCC Highways would be responsible for street lighting. The     main link from the development was lighted throughout as this was the   main road into the City.  In respect of the use of LED lighting and      column alignment, Mr Hill clarified that street lighting was required to         meet HCC adoptable standards and that the alignment and location of all lamp posts on site had been determined by HCC Highway     Engineers.  The Major Developments Team Leader stated that he was        happy to receive any concerns regarding lighting going forward.


            The Strategic Director clarified that at this stage CALA could consider         an adjustment to lighting levels. The Major Developments Team             Leader advised that when planning consent was agreed, it was           confirmed that Phase 1A would use LED lighting and that it was     proposed to also change the lighting in Phase 1B to LED lights in due             course.


(g)       Progress update regarding the footpath linking Andover Road North to      the Harestock shops or will Henry Beaufort School retain the land for   future             outdoor space:


            It was reported that there was no change to the position in respect of          Henry Beaufort School as this was deemed as a safeguarding risk by   the school. The Major Developments Team Leader clarified that other    routes could be investigated that may not be as direct but would be             safer. These             would be made available to the Forum and residents in          due course.


(h)       Update on the post of Community Development Worker.


            The Strategic Director reported that the role would be advertised      shortly and that the Residents Association would be advised once the advertisement had gone live.   


In conclusion, the Chair thanked members of the public for their contributions. It was agreed that all future questions submitted by the Kings Barton Resident’s Association, together with the responses received, be circulated to Members of the Forum in advance of the meeting. 



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