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CALA Homes - The Local Centre




The Forum received a presentation from Viv Hill and Adrian Lee of CALA Homes which provided a progress update in respect of the local centre.


The presentation set out details of the next stage of development in Phase 2B and Phase 2A (current live application) and included completion of The Avenue.


The development was currently midway through Phase 2A to meet the trigger of 650 dwellings and CALA would be supporting the opening of the Barton Farm Academy School as the next step. Mr Hill stated that the community centre and the food store were scheduled to come forward after 800 occupations and 1,000 occupations respectively.


The presentation referenced to the wider illustrative plan (revised plan circulated by the Major Developments Team Leader), the neighbourhood primary school, the design principles, the architecture approach, the masterplan, Gateway building, Pavilion buildings and special buildings.


Following questions in respect of the matters raised during the presentation, Mr Hill and the Strategic Director responded accordingly, as set out below:


·         Mr Hill clarified the number of occupations required to bring forward the food store and the community centre and reported that The Avenue would be opened by 650 occupations which would then trigger the mixed uses. In respect of provisional dates for delivery, Mr Hill confirmed that Phase 2A was half complete and it was anticipated that completion would take a further two years to bring The Avenue into operation. Upon its opening a view would be taken but it was expected that Andover Road North would close at this stage.


·         Interest had been expressed by a number of supermarket operators in relation to the food store.


·         In respect of the Extra Care Scheme, the brief would be taken from that achieved at Chesil Lodge. It was noted that HCC had indicated their interest to see the extra care scheme on site progressed.


·         In respect of design parameters, Mr Hill emphasised that in accordance with new legislation, junctions and gateways would be developed and designed to adoptable standards.


·         Mr Hill advised that shared space would remain flexible to cater for all events.


·         It was reported that a time limit would be placed on car parking in the main place to prevent unauthorised parking on site and retail units would have a dedicated car parking allocation.


·         The Strategic Director advised the Forum that the option for a full scale Park and Ride to the north of Winchester was to be explored as part of the Winchester Movement Strategy. It had never been intended that the small scale Park and ride ‘light’ facility at Kings Barton would serve a strategic purpose due to the small amount of space available. If a full service park and ride site is eventually created to the north of Winchester then the function of the Kings Barton facility would be reviewed and if necessary amended to ensure that it is used in the best way.


The Strategic Director emphasised that funding was available via the s106 agreement to provide initial support for the bus services running through Kings Barton and serving the Park and Ride service which ensure that this can be delivered but eventually these would have to be commercially sustainable. 


·         In respect of electric charging points on site, Mr Hill reported that vehicle charging points would be installed as required as part of the planning consent and any relevant changes to Building Regulations. For any full service park and ride site operated by the Council, the nature of the vehicles to be used to provide the bus service could be defined and controlled but the choices in relation to the commercial fleet were a matter for bus operators.


In conclusion, the Chair thanked Mr Hill and Mr Lee for their informative presentation and their attendance and contribution to the meeting. 




                        That the presentation be noted.




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