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Leisure Centre Construction Costs - Presentation


The Chairman welcomed to the meeting, Jon Hunt, Project Manager for MACE. He highlighted the main points contained in the procurement process, as set out in the report to Cabinet and detailed the various stages of the RIBA development and design process, the construction cost plan assumptions and exclusions, client funded items  the value engineering of RIBA 2 and RIBA 3, an operator procurement update, gateways and the programme for the project.  


A copy of the presentation would be made available on the Council’s website as a supplementary document and is also included as an appendix to the minutes.


It was noted that following completion of RIBA 3, the scheme was currently being progressed heading towards the planning stage, with an exhibition of the planning submission  made available in the Guildhall.  Consideration of the full business case was expected early next year. This would incorporate the outcome of procurement for an operator and construction costs. Subject to consideration of the business case, construction was scheduled for in Spring 2019.


During questions and debate, Members raised a number of questions which were responded to accordingly, as summarised below:


(i)            In relation to the suggested review of cycling and pedestrian access in Highcliffe, it was noted that the submitted planning application would include a full transport assessment and details of the  roundabout access and wider connections. The wider Winchester Movement Strategy will also be considering such issues throughout Winchester.


(ii)          In respect of the anticipated cost plan, budget and capital costs, the Head of Programme reported that these remained as set out in the outline business case, working within the £38m budget.


(iii)         To address issuess regarding the specification of the building raised by local sports clubs, it was noted that discussions were taking place with national sport governing bodies with feedback reviewed  and ongoing engagement planned throughout the process. 


The Head of Programme confirmed that any changes to the internal design would probably not affect the planning application process but would require a change to the design internally to be signed off at each stage by Cabinet (Leisure Centre) Committee.


(iv)         In relation to the proposed roundabout and layout, it was reported that all highway works would be carried out as part of the Leisure Centre development. Dialogue was ongoing with Hampshire County Council, in conjunction with the wider Movement Strategy and the traffic impact assessment and the technical agreement in advance of the highway works, which forms part of the planning process.


(v)          The Head of Programme clarified that investment would be provided to ensure there were accessible bus stops nearby and that a review of the Council’s park and ride service would be carried out to align with the Leisure Centre. This approach would continue to be considered at the Sustainability Advisory Panel, as part of the wider programme for the City.


(vi)         In relation to public consultation, the Head of Programme highlighted that consultation had been carried out across the wider District where exhibitions had taken place in Whiteley and Bishops Waltham. Parish Councils in all areas had been involved and that a good level of engagement had been carried out over four phases resulting in a high level of input from the public.


In conclusion, the Chairman thanked Mr Hunt for his informative presentation and welcomed the progress that had been carried out on the Leisure Centre project to date, subject to the issues raised regarding bus services, access and need for continued consultation with community groups (i.e. Highcliffe Community Forum for Action) and the Parish Council’s in the wider District, as set out above.




1.         That the presentation be received and noted; and


2.         That the matters raised by the Committee, as set out above, be noted.


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