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Discussion on infrastructure.

(Approximately 20 minutes scheduled for this item)



Martin Goff, Head of Transport and Admissions, Hampshire County Council (HCC) provided the forum with a detailed presentation concerning school admissions and future provision, the slides of which were also available on the council's website here. The presentation covered the key areas of;


  • school places for new developments.
  • In-year admissions on North Whiteley.
  • Future school provision for Whiteley and North Whiteley.


Members asked several questions and made comments regarding current issues accommodating in-year admissions of children living in North Whiteley within Cornerstones Primary school, the option of utilising mixed age group classes and the impact on Swanmore college to proposals relating to a change of catchment. Mr Goff responded to these points.


Sara Tiller Managing Director, NHS Hampshire, Southampton, and Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) updated the forum regarding primary medical services to the North Whiteley community. She specifically referred to the Whiteley surgery practice boundary being extended and the planning application for the surgery car park extension where a bat survey was being undertaken. Ms Tiller also answered several questions from forum members regarding the future provision of medical services in the community,



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