Committee details

Health and Environment Policy Committee

Purpose of committee

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            To maintain a strategic overview of the following priorities:


a)                      Improving the quality of the District’s environment


b)                      Improving the health and happiness of the community


The broad terms of reference are as follows:


a)                     It will hold the Cabinet to account by reviewing and scrutinising executive decisions.

b)                     Reviewing and scrutinising the performance of the Council in relation to its policy objectives and performance targets


Matters in the remit of more than one Overview and Scrutiny Committee


The Overview and Scrutiny Committee procedure rules in Part 4 sets out rules for the operation of these committees and includes provision for resolving overlapping jurisdictions. In the first instance it is intended that the chairs of each committee will meet to agree a solution in such situations.




Contact information

Support officer: Claire Buchanan, Senior Democratic Services Officer. Tel: 01962 848 438 Email:


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