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Open space land disposal at Newlands Walk

23/06/2022 - Open space land disposal at Wellington Park, Newlands

1.  That it be noted that no objections were received as a result of the notice publicising the intention to dispose of the public open space as required by s123(2A) of the Local Government Act 1972.


2.  That the disposal of open space at Wellington Park, Newlands be agreed to Newlands Parish Council, identified edged red on the Plan [‘Winchester Transfer Areas’ 1S1194/WTA1, 09/03/17] at Appendix (i) of CAB3346.


3.  That the transfer of the open space maintenance sum (currently £1,457,764.96) to Newlands Parish Council be agreed, and authority be delegated to the S151 officer to confirm the final sum at the point of transfer.


4.  That the Service Lead Legal be authorised to prepare all transfers/agreements necessary to implement the recommendations above.



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