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General fund outturn 21/22

21/07/2022 - General fund outturn 21/22

1.     That the General Fund Revenue Outturn and Capital Programme Outturn be noted as set out in report CAB3352.


2.     That the proposal to establish an “Exceptional Inflation Pressures” risk reserve be approved and that £2m be transferred to that reserve pending the preparation of a revised forecast for the 2022/23 budget in October 2022 to assess the impact of current inflation and energy price pressures on the original budget.


3.     That the transfers to and from the Major Investment reserve be approved as detailed in appendix 1 of report CAB3352 and the reserves and closing balances at 31 March 2022 be noted (as set out in appendix 2).


4.     That the revised 2022/23 capital programme be approved, as set out in appendix 5 of report CAB3352.


5.     That the revised 2022-2032 capital programme be noted, as set out in appendix 6 of report CAB3352.


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