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Housing Revenue Account (HRA) outturn 20/21

22/07/2021 - Housing Revenue Account (HRA) outturn 20/21

1.      That the provisional HRA Outturn figures for 2020/21 be noted, these are provisional subject to audit as detailed in Appendices 1 and 2 of the report CAB3308;


2.      That the carry forward of £0.044m of HRA revenue funding from 2020/21 be approved as detailed in Paragraph 11.4 of report CAB3308;


3.      That the Housing capital programme outturn for Major Works and New Build developments be approved as detailed in Paragraphs 11.5 to 11.8 and Appendices 3 & 4 of report CAB3308;


4.      That the funding of the 2020/21 HRA capital programme be approved as detailed in Paragraph 11.9 & 11.10 and Appendix 5 of report CAB3308;


5.      That the re-forecast capital programme budget of £28.402m for 2021/22 be approved as detailed in Paragraphs 11.12 & 11.13 and Appendix 6 & 7 of report CAB3308 that takes account of potential programme slippage;


6.      That the drawdown of £0.412m of the agreed £0.500m HRA reserve balances set aside to fund the specific welfare support initiatives be approved as identified in paragraph 12 of report CAB3308 over the next two years. Which was agreed by full Council to provide additional targeted support for tenants during this difficult period. This includes the appointment of two temporary full time tenancy sustainment officers and one temporary admin support for a period of up to 24 months to provide the needed additional capacity to deliver these support measures.


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