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Housing Company

15/12/2022 - Housing Company - revised options and business case

1.    That the business case proposal be noted and the principle be supported of establishing a wholly council owned local housing company for housing purposes to:

a.    Lease from the council and manage suitable residential council properties held in the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) and the General Fund as identified on a case-by-case basis, subject to a supportive business case.

b.    Provide high quality energy efficient council owned housing as rented homes as an alternative to the council’s current housing offer to households who struggle to rent privately and access council and other affordable housing options.

c.    Take advantage of an early opportunity to lease from the council and manage one block of 41 units of accommodation currently being developed at Winnall.


2.    That the Corporate Head of Housing be authorised to develop detailed proposals that will be brought back to Cabinet for consideration. To include the strategic and financial business case, governance arrangements, director appointments and specific company conditions.


3.    That it be agreed that the proposals in report CAB3366 supersede the housing company investment and development model set out in CAB3139 (HSG) and CAB3160.


4.    That the Corporate Head of Asset Management be authorised to make a non-material amendment submission to the Local Planning Authority to change the description of development to delete reference to sub-market rent in relation to the accommodation currently being developed at Winnall.


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