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Kings Barton Forum - Tuesday, 20th October, 2020 6.00 pm

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To record the names of apologies given and deputy members who are attending the meeting in place of appointed Members (where appropriate).


Apologies for the meeting were noted as above.





Chairpersons Announcements


The Chairperson made several announcements.


She thanked Mr Tilbury, Strategic Director at the City Council who had left the council in September 2020 and introduced Mrs Pinnock, Service Lead for the Built Environment who would now be undertaking that role on the Forum.


She informed members that Mr Hughes would now be combining his existing role with that of the Kings Barton Community Development officer. Mr Hughes would be the day to day contact and liaison officer at the city council.



Disclosures of Interests

To receive any disclosure of interests from Members and Officers in matters to be discussed.


Note: Councillors are reminded of their obligations to declare disclosable pecuniary interests, personal and/or prejudicial interests in accordance with legislation and the Council’s Code of Conduct.



Councillor Weir declared a personal (but not prejudicial) interest concerning the report, ref KBF 27 due to her being a Trustee of the University of Winchester Academy Trust.


Councillors Porter, Tod and Warwick who were members of Hampshire County Council, declared personal (but not prejudicial) interests in relation to the report, ref KBF 27 which may relate to areas of responsibility of Hampshire County Council. Also, Councillor Tod and Porter advised that they were cabinet members at Winchester City Council.



Minutes of the meeting of the 21 January 2020 pdf icon PDF 119 KB

That the minutes of the meeting be signed as a correct record.





That the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 21 January 2020 be approved and adopted.



Public Participation

To receive and note questions asked and statements made from members of the public and the Residents Association on general matters of interest and/or matters relating to the work of the Forum.


Members of the public and visiting councillors may speak at the Forum, provided they have registered to speak three working days in advance. Please contact Democratic Services by 5pm on 14 October 2020 via or (01962) 848 264 to register to speak and for further details.


The Chairperson advised that the following members of the public had registered to address the Forum; Caterina Zucca (Chair of the Kings Barton Residents Association (KBRA)), Mike Slinn (Vice-Chair of the Kings Barton Residents Association (KBRA)) and Ed Spooner.


Caterina Zucca explained that the KBRA had previously submitted several questions to officers and that these had been responded to. Further questions had been raised as a result of the responses received. These further questions related to; establishing a safe crossing point along Andover road, the Movement Strategy/Walking and Cycling Plan, the surfacing of roads and junctions, undertaking a site visit, landscaping, the play park and the Community Development worker role. Finally, Ms Zucca advised that a petition had been created regarding the issues around a safe crossing point on Andover road. It was intended to present this petition to the County Council on the 3rd December 2020 and she asked the forum to support it.


The County Council members present, Mr Hughes and Mr Hill of CALA Homes responded to the questions and updated all those present on the current position.


Mr Hughes then updated the Forum on a number of the points raised including Park and Ride and the Community Development Worker role. He advised that he would be arranging a site visit shortly in line with public health advice. Regular meetings were taking place with County Council officers regarding highways issues and the relevant County Council officer would be invited to attend the next meeting of the forum.


Mr Hill (CALA Homes) updated the forum regarding the remedial works undertaken to the play area and reported that he would provide a further update via email. Mr Hill also updated the Forum regarding the programme of tree planting and the delivery and installation of street furniture.


The County Council members present provided an update following recent meetings with officers and Councillor Tod offered to meet members of the KBRA to update them regarding the Movement Strategy.


The Chairperson proposed that she would write to the County Council on behalf of the forum expressing the forum’s support for the residents’ petition of a crossing on Andover Road and also a crossing on Worthy Lane. This was agreed.


Councillor Weir addressed the Forum. She wished to recognise the achievement that the new school had opened on schedule and had welcomed its first pupils. She also advised that feedback from parents had been positive. However, she considered that a large number of parents were accessing the school via the Ridgeline and wanted to reiterate points raised earlier regarding the quality and safety of the current path and access. The Chairperson agreed to include this element within her communication with the County Council.



Kings Barton Implementation Update Report pdf icon PDF 148 KB

(Report reference KBF27 )

Additional documents:


Mr Hughes provided the Forum with an update on progress at Kings Barton including the development process and future works.


Mr Hughes reported that:


  • Reserved matters consent for 423 dwellings had been granted (Phases 1A and 1B). 
  • All 223 dwellings at Phase 1B were now sold.
  • Discussions with Hampshire County Council Highways continue to allow the adoptable roads to be put forward for their twelve-month maintenance period.
  • As of September 2020, there were 36 occupations at Phase 1A, including four affordable units which made a total of 258 occupations across the site.


Mr Hughes also gave an update regarding:


  • the Kings Barton Implementation Officer and the Community Development officer roles
  • the granting of an extension of hours of operation to CALA Homes under the governments “Our Plan to Rebuild” scheme.
  • that Barton Farm Primary school had opened in September with 27 Year R pupils.


Members asked several questions and comments regarding; S106 triggers, highways issues, consultation over scheme designs and the factors affecting the “build-out” rate. These were responded to by officers and Mr Hill accordingly.





That the content of the report is noted


Future meetings of the Forum


The Chairperson advised that future meetings of the forum were planned for the 19th January 2021 and the 16th March 2021. She also wanted to introduce a work programme of items for discussion at future meetings and the following were put forward:


  • S106 Schedule and Triggers (standing agenda item)
  • Highways Issues (to include a briefing from a Hampshire County Council representative)
  • Housing Association liaison and update (initial focus on Phase 1B)
  • Barton meadows
  • The village centre
  • Formal involvement of the Residents Association within the Forum (prior to detailed discussion on this item it was agreed that a standing agenda item would be created for the KBRA)


Registering to speak at meetings of the council:

The information below relates to the majority of meetings of the council but please note that different rules do apply for registering to speak at meetings of Full Council, Licensing Sub Committees, Planning Committees, Open Forums, and the Standards Hearing and Human Resources Sub Committees and the Appointments Panel. Further information can be obtained using the contact details above.

Members of the public may speak at this meeting, provided they have registered to speak three working days in advance. Please contact Democratic Services via or (01962) 848 264 to register to speak and for further details - which can also be found on the individual meeting agenda front sheets.


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