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Note: Owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and government guidance issued, it will not be possible to hold this meeting in person. The Council has therefore made arrangements under the Coronavirus Act 2020, and subsequent Regulations permitting remote meetings, to hold the meeting virtually. If you are a member of the public and would like to listen to the audio stream of the meeting you may do so via 



Terms of Reference

The development of 2000 homes at Barton Farm, north Winchester, will be a major strategic project with significant implications for the Winchester District as a whole over a ten year period. It is vital that Barton Farm is successfully integrated into the existing Winchester community and this will require that issues of infrastructure provision, community development and political representation are carefully managed. A large quantity of technical work is required to meet the conditions of the planning consent granted in October 2012.


It is important that elected members, on behalf of existing residents and residents of Barton Farm, have an opportunity to monitor and comment on issues of interest and concern as they arise.


The purpose of the Barton Farm Development Forum is to assist in the establishment of a successful new community by providing an opportunity for the public discussion of issues and the provision of purposeful guidance.

The Forum does not substitute the formal role of the Planning Development Control Committee in considering planning applications relating to Barton Farm.

To achieve its objectives the Forum will meet in public and will act as an informal advisory body to discuss and engage with the public on the following issues, and advise the relevant authorities accordingly:-


1. Receive reports and make comment as required on matters relating to the form and character of the development at Barton Farm which are still to be resolved, particularly as they impact on existing neighbourhoods.


2. Receive reports and comment as required on the provision and management of infra structure for the new community and consider any issues raised by infra structure delivery.


3. Consider issues of community development and representation and make comment if appropriate.


4. Monitor the progress of construction and the impact that it has. Raise any issues of concern to be considered by the appropriate organisation or the developer.



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Support officer: Matthew Watson Email: 01962 848 317.

Phone: 01962 848317



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