Agenda and minutes

Kings Barton Forum - Monday, 15th July, 2019 6.30 pm

Venue: Walton Suite, Guildhall, Winchester

Contact: Matthew Watson Email: 01962 848 317 

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Appointment of Vice Chairperson for the 2019/20 Municipal Year




Councillor Tod was elected Vice-Chairperson for the 2019/20 Municipal Year.



Chairpersons Announcements


The Chairperson thanked Members of the Forum and the Public for their attendance and introduced Nicola Wells, Head teacher, Barton Farm Academy. The Chairperson advised that it was hoped that the head teacher would be able to attend a future meeting of the Forum to discuss progress with the Academy.



Minutes of the previous meeting held on the 18th March 2019 pdf icon PDF 71 KB




That the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 18 March 2019 be approved and adopted.



Public Participation

To receive and note questions asked and statements made from members of the public and the Residents Association on general matters of interest and/or matters relating to the work of the Forum.


The Chairperson welcomed approximately 30 local residents to the meeting. A number of residents addressed the Forum at the relevant point in the agenda. For the purposes of the minutes, the key issues were collated here as follows:


Regarding the overall purpose of the Forum a member of the public suggested that existing Council House residents may benefit from a Forum in a similar way that Kings Barton residents do. In response, the Chairperson explained that this Forum dealt with much more than housing and it was crucial in bringing together all the relevant parties as the development progressed.    


A representative of the Kings Barton Residents Association addressed the Forum regarding report KBF22, Kings Barton Community Development Worker. He made a number of points in support of the post and of the involvement of St Barnabas Church who he felt would make a suitable employer. The Forum was also asked if preference could be given to local residents in the appointment of the post.


In response, officers advised that St Barnabas Church had asked to be considered as a potential employer for the community development worker and a number of meetings had been held with Reverend Ed Dines. Whilst this option had its merits, it was not proposed at this stage. However it was understood that the community development worker would need to work closely with the Church and others to ensure a joined-up approach and a complementary delivery of services. The Forum was informed that no special preference could be given to local residents but that the Residents Association would be advised of when the vacancy notice was to be circulated.


Regarding report KBF23, Kings Barton Implementation Report; prior to the meeting, the Kings Barton Residents Association had notified officers of the questions they intended to ask under this item. Officers had in turn been able to consult with colleagues at Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council and CALA to provide initial responses to those questions. The key issues raised related to the:


Pedestrian walkways/cycle routes:

a)    Footpath resurfacing, East side of Andover Road.

b)    Speed limits along Andover Road past Manley Road

c)    Toucan crossing on the Courtney Road

d)    Proposed Worthy Down shared route

e)    Useable sealed surface on the new Worthy Down route

f)     Maintenance schedule of footpaths

g)    Footpath running parallel to the northern border of Henry Beaufort school


Kings Barton Infrastructure:

a)    Delivery of the Phase 1B playpark.

b)    Speeding issues on Winchester Avenue.

c)    Issues of Shared space areas being used inappropriately

d)    An update on Park and Ride and bus services in general

e)    Maintenance of amenity space.

f)     Problems with street lighting.

g)    Completion date for Phase 1B

h)   Installation of dog waste bins.


Responses to the questions were provided by officers and by Mr Westwood, CALA Homes' Project Director. In addition, it was proposed that a number of the issues raised by the Residents Association could be properly dealt with by a meeting between CALA and the Residents Association. This  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Kings Barton Community Development Worker (Report Reference: KBF22) pdf icon PDF 140 KB

Additional documents:


(Report KBF22 refers)


The Forum received and noted the report of the Community Planning Manager which provided proposals for the employment of a Community Development Worker to serve Kings Barton, funded by Developer Section 106 contributions. The report was introduced by the Team Leader Major Development Implementation and proposed that:


  • the post would be employed by the City Council. 
  • the post would be 0.5 Full Time Equivalent for a 2-year period. 
  • workload and demand would be re-evaluated at the end of the two years.
  • the role would be initially located by CALA and that Officers would continue discussions to see whether the role could, in the future be based at the new Barton Farm Academy.


Members of the Forum asked a number of questions concerning the report. In responding, Officers explained that whilst this role and the Implementation Manager role would need to work closely together, the Community Development Worker post was essentially concerned with helping to create a community whilst the Implementation Manager role was to implement the planning application. The Forum was also informed that the Community Development Worker role would be expected to be pro-active in identifying sources of funding.



That the Forum endorses the preferred approach for the employment of a Community Development Worker to serve Kings Barton as set out in the report KBF22.



Kings Barton Implementation Update Report pdf icon PDF 396 KB


(Report KBF 23 refers)


The Forum received and noted the report of the Strategic Director which provided an update on progress with issues relating to the Kings Barton Development. The key issues within the report were reported and summarised as follows:


·         As of the date of the meeting, there were 205 occupations at Phase 1B of Kings Barton with only 18 units remaining unsold. All 89 affordable housing units in this phase had now been passed over to VIVID. Groundworks for the Phase 1B play area had now commenced.


·         Occupation of Phase 1A was due to begin late August 2019 and it was anticipated that the reserved matters application for Phase 2A would be submitted in mid July.  This would comprise 250 units to the north of Phase 1A.


·         The next two months would be an extremely busy period as a condition of the planning application was that all reserved matters applications must be submitted before 2 October 2019 to be valid. In addition to the Phase 2A application, CALA was preparing approximately nine further reserved matters applications to ensure this obligation was met. These further applications would be sufficient to be validated but they would not be immediately determined. A reserved matters application for the local centre would be included and would reflect previous consultations on the form and content but would be capable of further modification. This would be open to further discussion at a future Forum meeting and at a public meeting with dates to be confirmed. 


Members of the Forum asked a number of questions regarding the reserved matters applications and Section 106 requirements. Officers advised that reserved matters would be subject to normal consultation requirements as and when they were determined.


Members also agreed to undertake a regular site tour, ideally every three months with the first to take place before the end of September.




That the content of the report is noted.



City of Winchester Movement Strategy - Update and Discussion pdf icon PDF 434 KB


The Head of Programme and the Principal Transport Planner, Hampshire County Council provided the Forum with a presentation regarding the City of Winchester Movement Strategy. The Forum was advised that the Movement Strategy was a joint strategy between Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council and sets out the long term priorities for travel and transport improvements over the next 20 to 30 years.


The purpose of the presentation was to provide the Forum with an overview of the Movement Strategy and provide specific information relating to Kings Barton. This included the role of the existing Andover Road, an explanation of the Section 106 triggers relating to Transport Infrastructure and responding to a number of the questions submitted by the Kings Barton Residents Association.


Following the presentation, a number of Members provided feedback from residents and raised several additional matters regarding Andover Road, bus subsidies, Section 106 triggers, general access to the Barton Farm area and incentivising alternative modes of travel. Officers clarified a number of points regarding the current position regarding Andover Road and outlined future options such as Park and Ride and a local walking and cycling plan that may be considered in the future. In regards to bus subsidies, it was confirmed that any Section 106 funding obtained was in addition to any future, potential funding for the Park and Ride scheme.


Following additional questions, Mr Westwood informed the Forum that the cycle and walking path from Kings Barton to Courtney Road should be undertaken by Autumn 2019.He would also speak to the tenant farmer regarding the condition of the footpath east of Andover Rd.


Councillor Learney updated the Forum following a recent conservation with a member of the public regarding Andover Road. Mr Hughes advised that he had today also spoken to the member of the Public and had provided an update on the current situation. 


Finally, officers were asked to continue the dialogue with the Head teacher of Henry Beaufort School on behalf of the Forum regarding the potential for a footpath to link with Buriton Road.


The Chairperson thanked all for attending and participating. 



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