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Purpose of committee

The task of the Central Winchester Regeneration Informal Policy Group is to produce a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) that Cabinet can subsequently recommend for adoption by the Council.


The SPD will set out the detailed aims and objectives for regeneration of central Winchester (within a defined area) and the consequential changes required to the surrounding area (including the Broadway and Lower High Street), as guided by the adopted planning policies in the Local Plan. This SPD should have the broad support of Winchester’s residents, businesses, property owners and public service providers. It should be commercially realistic and capable of implementation within a realistic timeframe. The Group will aim to produce the draft SPD to Cabinet by December 2017, so that it can be adopted in spring 2018.


Its terms of reference are:


·         To devise and implement a programme of engagement with all sectors of the community, including the Winchester Town Forum, to generate options and ideas for the SPD

·         To take evidence from relevant service providers, businesses and members of the public to assess the implications of their views on the future of central Winchester and the content of the SPD

·         To recommend to Cabinet what technical and economic studies should be commissioned that will be necessary to provide an evidence base for the SPD, particularly in relation to transport and parking, retail activity and cultural activities

·         To evaluate a full range of options for the content of the SPD, based on the programme of engagement and the technical and economic studies, and then promote informed public debate to test policy and practical options

·         To recommend a draft SPD to Cabinet that has been fully reviewed through a programme of consultation which allows all sectors of the community to make comments in a manner consistent with legislative requirements for the production of an SPD.


In addition, the following Councillors be invited to attend and offer views at meetings of the Informal Policy Group:

Cllrs Scott and Tait



Contact information

Support officer: Dave Shaw, Principal Democratic Services Officer. Tel: 01962 848221 Email:


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