Committee details

North Whiteley Development Forum

Purpose of committee



The Forum is to act as an informal advisory body to discuss and engage with the public on the following issues, and advise the relevant authorities accordingly:-


1. Advise upon a vision for the development of the MDA at North Whiteley which will act as a template for the master planning process and subsequent planning applications and keep this under review.

2. Provide a response to key issues and options arising during the course of planning for and delivering the extension to the community at Whiteley, with input from local authorities, community groups and development interests.

3. Act as a sounding board where ideas, options and issues relating to the development can be considered before becoming part of the formal planning process.

4. Develop for consideration by the relevant authorities a community development strategy for the MDA.

5. Consider and advise upon the community infrastructure required to support and integrate the new and existing communities.

6. Consider good practice from development elsewhere and consider key findings for inclusion in the master planning process.

7. Consider and advise upon a strategy for the ownership and management of the social infrastructure and community assets.

8. Review progress reports on the development of the masterplan and relevant planning applications.


Contact information

Support officer: Matthew Watson, Democratic Services Officer. Email: 01962 848 317

Phone: 01962 848 317



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