Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 27th September, 2023 9.30 am, Planning Committee

Venue:   Walton Suite, Guildhall Winchester and streamed live on YouTube at

Contact:    Claire Buchanan, Senior Democratic Services Officer tel: 01962 848 438 Email:
Matthew Watson, Senior Democratic Services Officer tel: 01962 848 317 Email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Jane Rutter Chairperson Present
Councillor Chris Edwards Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Vivian Achwal Committee Member Present
Councillor Patrick Cunningham Committee Member Apologies, sent representative Substituted by Councillor Neil Bolton
Councillor Russell Gordon-Smith Committee Member Present
Councillor Brian Laming Committee Member Present
Councillor Danny Lee Committee Member Present
Councillor Michael Read Committee Member Present
Councillor Anne Small Committee Member Present
Councillor Neil Bolton Deputy Present as substitute
Lorna Hutchings Officer Expected
Councillor Adrian Brophy Observer In attendance
Councillor Steve Cramoysan Observer In attendance
Councillor Jackie Porter Observer In attendance
Councillor John Tippett-Cooper Observer In attendance
Councillor Jan Warwick Observer In attendance
Councillor Jonathan Williams Observer In attendance


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